CIPRNet Master Class (Edition 0)

CIPRNet Master Class on Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Critical Infrastructures (Edition 0)

DELFT – 3.-4.2.2014

What:Master Class on Modelling denotes the action of designing and creating a conceptual model or a computational model or a CI model or a computer simulation. Other synonyms may apply as well.
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, See computer simulation.
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and Analysis of Critical Infrastructures

When:3rd and 4th of February 2014

Where:Delft, The Netherlands (HQ of Stichting Deltares)

Who: Organised by University Campus Bio-Medico of Roma in coordination with Deltares

Scheme: 1.5 days lectures and training – internal launch of CIPRNet training events

Language: English


  • CIPRNet staff and other experts from CIPRNet project partners