CIPRNet boards

CIPRNet is supported by three boards

  • An International Advisory Board of end users and stakeholders
  • An Ethics Board of independent experts
  • An internal Security Advisory Group

International Advisory Board

CIPRNet's International Advisory Board (IAB) provides guidance and expertise from an end user's and stakeholder's perspective. The IAB consists currently of nine experts from European end users and stakeholders. These are:

  • E-GEOS, IT
  • Institut Nationale Discrete Event Simulation
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    Hautes Études de la Sécurité et de la Justice, INHESJ, FR
  • Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, BBK, DE
  • The Netherlands' Ministry of Security and Justice, MVJ, NL
  • ABB AG, DE
  • PESI, Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety, ES
  • Fire fighters Mannheim, DE
  • European Corporate Security Association, ECSA, BE
  • Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, BMI, AT

Former members:

  • Future Forum Public Safety and Security, ZOES, DE
  • German Committee for Disaster Reduction, DKKV, DE
  • European Commission, EU

Independent Ethics Board

CIPRNet's Independent Ethics Board (EB) provides advice and guidance on compliance issues, particularly for the planned advanced decision support capability. The EB currently consists of three experts in privacy and data protection:

  • Dr. Bruno Baeriswyl, data protection officer of the Canton Zurich, Switzerland
  • Stéphane Guilloteau, France Télécom
  • Martin Busch, IRNIK, Germany

Security Advisory Group

CIPRNet's internal Security Advisory Group (SAG) assesses all deliverables and dissemination material for security sensitive information. Any insights gained in CIPRNet's work that could result in sensitive information needs to be carefully assessed in order to preclude potentially dangerous misuse. 

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