CIPRNet CIP glossary

Federate simulation bridge

The coupling between the different CI simulators has to be “intelligent” in some way to provide a “bridge” between the different, very heterogeneous simulators.

These “bridges” have to be created where physical, logical or cyber (inter)dependencies between infrastructures occur. Starting from a basic model of these dependencies, these bridges will be created at run-time to create a federated simulation between existing simulators dynamically. In order to provide this capability, the bridges have to contain several functions and have to be supported by additional components, including:

  •  a Knowledge Base System (KBS) - shared among the federate sub-jects – able to gather, filter and maintain traces of any possible syner-gic actions driving a federate simulation
  • a basic model to containing a specific scenario (including  initial situations, maps, etc) and a description of dependencies. A scenario can also include some kind of script to introduces faults and attacks in-to running simulations
  • a versatile timing mechanism to manage the synchronism inside the federate simulation.