CIPRNet CIP glossary


HLA (High Level Architecture) is an IEEE standard developed by the United States department of defence [HLA00a, HLA00b, HLA00c, HLA03, Kuh99]. It allows the exchange of information among several and heterogeneous simulators during simulation running.

Communications are possible thanks to the RTI (Run Time Interface), which provides a set of services useful for simulations to coordinate their actions and the information exchange. To communicate through the RTI, each simulator must be RTI compliant:

  • By implementing/using a RTI compliant API.
  • By respecting the OMT (Object Model Template) for information (objects, events, etc.) exchange and for specific simulator model-ling.
  • By respecting a number of rules concerning communications be-tween simulations and concerning each simulation.

The HLA ability can be useful to exchange information between electrici-ty and telecom simulators.