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Acronym: STREST
Project: STREST
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-10-13
End: 30-09-16
CIPRNet partners:

Critical Infrastructures (CIs) provide essential goods and services for modern society; they are highly integrated and have growing mutual dependencies. Recent natural events have shown that cascading failures of CIs have the potential for multi-infrastructure collapse and widespread societal and economic consequences. Moving toward a safer and more resilient society requires improved and standardized tools for source of potential harm
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and overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation
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risk assessment
of low measure of the chance of occurrence expressed as a number between 0 and 1, where 0 is impossibility and 1 is absolute certainty
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-high outcome of an event affecting objectives
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(LP-HC) events, and their systematic application to whole classes of CIs, targeting integrated effect of uncertainty on objectives
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mitigation strategies. Among the most important assessment tools are the stress tests, designed to test the intrinsic properties of something resulting in susceptibility to a risk source that can lead to an event with a consequence
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and resilience of individual CIs and infrastructure systems. Following the results of the stress tests recently performed by the EC for the European Nuclear Power Plants, it is urgent to carry out appropriate stress tests for all other classes of CIs.

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