Project details

Acronym: REFIRE
Project: tailoring existing capabilities to a specific package and at integrating them in a reference implementation
Project website:
Program: JLS
Agency: EU
Start: 01-01-12
End: 31-12-13
CIPRNet partners: UCBM

The project aims to the adoption of effective location and communication services for indoor and deep-indoor emergencies and define a set of standards and protocols able to enable daily use of interoperable systems.

Whatever the origin of an emergency, a response fast and effective enough can drastically change the resulting losses. During the first phases of an emergency, when the first few responders have to assume more risks having the opportunity to block the escalation of the incident into a higher scale emergency, and after on, when the increasing number of responders from different organisations boost the confusion and the complexity of the coordination tasks, what you really need is to know where your operators are and to communicate with them, reliably, anywhere, anytime.

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