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Acronym: RECIPE
Project: Recommended Elements of Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is the study, design and implemen-tation of measures (pro-action, prevention, preparation, incident response, recovery) aimed to reduce the risk that critical infrastructure fails with serious consequences and..
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Critical Infrastructure Protection
for Policymakers in Europe
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Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-01-10
End: 01-07-13
CIPRNet partners: TNO

The functioning of modern societies is based on critical infrastructure systems such as electricity, natural gas, water and information and communications technology. Disruptions to these infrastructure systems can lead to serious social dislocation and economic or environmental damage. Together with four European partners, TNO has prepared a manual for European policymakers that contains ‘recipes’ for the protection of The European Council Directive 2008/114/EC defines: ‘Critical infrastructure’ (CI) means an asset, system or part thereof located in Member States which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic..
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critical infrastructure

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