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Acronym: MOTIA
Project: Modelling denotes the action of designing and creating a conceptual model or a computational model or a CI model or a computer simulation. Other synonyms may apply as well.
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Tools for Interdependence Analysis for Information and Communication Technologies
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Program: CIPS
Agency: EU
Start: 14-04-10
End: 13-04-12
CIPRNet partners: ENEA

MOTIA project is aimed at developing a methodological framework for Information and Communication Technologies
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network inter-dependencies analysis. Special efforts will be devoted to identify critical system inter-dependencies as potential amplifiers of negative impacts upon failures or deliberate attacks.
A representative Italian case study was supposed to be deeply analyzed, whilst providing general purpose tools.
Generally speaking, one expects increases of Interdependency is the mutual dependency of products or services (ACIP, 2003).
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among the different systems to reduce resilience of the overall system. Redundancy and Robustness analysis of the system, together with vulnerabilities search represent a significant part of the whole project activity.
The analysis of indicators may also help CERT's (Computer Emergency Response Teams) to take prompt and effective actions in order to recover an acceptable operational state. However, our attempts to draw CERT's attention on the subject were not fruitful.

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