Project details

Acronym: MESMA
Project: monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed marine areas
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-01-09
End: 01-01-13
CIPRNet partners: TNO, Deltares

The EU FP7 project MESMA focuses on marine spatial planning and aims to produce integrated management tools (concepts, models and guidelines) for Monitoring, Evaluation and implementation of Spatially Managed marine Areas, based on European collaboration.




MESMA is expected to supply innovative methods and integrated strategies for governments, local authorities, stakeholders, and other managerial bodies for planning and decision making at different local, national, and European scales, for sustainable development of European seas.








At the heart of the MESMA project is the MESMA framework. This framework explores in a logical way how the management initiatives in a certain area were established, so that they can be evaluated and monitored. In cases where no management plans are available, following this framework leads to recommendations for future plans.

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