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Project: INSPIRE INCO(INternational COoperation)
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-07-09
End: 31-12-12
CIPRNet partners:

Critical Critical Infrastructures (CI) are increasingly interconnected and consequently opposed to multiple new threats such as cyber and terroristic attacks. Therefore, Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is the study, design and implemen-tation of measures (pro-action, prevention, preparation, incident response, recovery) aimed to reduce the risk that critical infrastructure fails with serious consequences and..
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Critical Infrastructure Protection
(CIP) is getting more and more important. Supervisory, measure that is modifying risk
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And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are widely deployed in CIs and should be therefore well protected. Power grid is a SCADA-based wide area highly interconnected See critical infrastructure
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. The high level of interconnectivity can be easily concluded from the low number of power grids in Europe. The INSPIRE-International cooperation project specifically supports the international cooperation between the EC FP7 INSPIRE project and the US GridStat project by fostering the collaboration between INSPIRE RTD researchers and GridStat researchers in the field of power grid protection. This collaboration aims at making power grid data available to INSPIRE, establish relationship with GridStat partners, exchange experiences and demonstration activities.

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