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Acronym: EFFS
Project: An european flood forecasting system
Project website:
Program: FP5
Agency: EU
Start: 01-03-00
End: 01-10-03
CIPRNet partners: Deltares

National water authorities are normally able to provide flood warnings between one and four days in advance of flood events. These warnings are usually based on weather forecasts in combination with knowledge of the actual hydrologic conditions in the river basins concerned. However, the emergency civil and water management agencies would benefit from an increase in lead-time, to effectively implement their plans in downstream areas. Therefore there exists a need for improved flood forecasting to extend the flood-warning period. Improved flood forecasting should enable more effective evacuation of people from high-effect of uncertainty on objectives
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areas or the controlled release of water from reservoirs in upstream areas to create temporary retention basins to reduce flood volumes and peaks. EFFS aims at developing a prototype of a 4-10 day in advance European floods forecasting system. This system aims at providing daily information on potential floods for the large rivers Rhine and Oder as well as flash floods in small basins. The framework of the system will allow incorporation of both detailed models for specific basins as well as a broad scale for entire Europe.

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