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Acronym: EFAST
Project: Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-09-08
End: 21-08-11
CIPRNet partners: CEA, JRC

EFAST is an FP7 European collaborative project that takes its rationale from the EAEEs Strategic Research Agenda, with the overall objective to study all the aspects regarding the design of a major testing facility in Europe that would complement and collaborate with the existing ones.

In order to properly address this general objective, the project will address the following main topics:

  1. Define the features of a new high performance testing facility answering the needs of modularity, flexibility, operating ease and complementary to existing research infrastructures in Europe.
  2. Make progress in advanced test methods (multiple shaking table measure that is modifying risk
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    , real time sub-structuring techniques, hybrid testing coupling numerical and physical substructures).
  3. Address issues related to access as well as high-speed networking with other European laboratories that would allow the carrying out of real time geographically distributed tests in the future.
  4. Address and answer the key questions concerning the assessment of the technical and financial feasibility of this facility, leading to a "conceptual design report" allowing policy makers to make relevant strategic decisions.
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