Project details

Acronym: DR-NEP
Project: Disaster Response Network Enabled Platform
Project website:
Program: Norwegian Financial Mechanism
Agency: Norway
Start: 01-03-10
End: 31-07-12
CIPRNet partners: UCY

Disaster Response Network Enabled Platform (DR-NEP) is a tool for disaster responders and scientific researchers for managing responses to catastrophic disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. It could be used for managing real disasters or for planning purposes.

The features of DR-NEP are:

  • 1. Customized mapping apis: DR-NEP offers customized mapping apis that work with popular mapping tools like Google Earth. These apis allow authorized users of DR-NEP to report their infrastructure damages and decisions, and view changes made by other authorized users.

  • 2. Webservices for integrating responses: Disaster responders and scientific researchers can connect their simulators to the DR-NEP platform using the standardized webservices exposed by the platform.

  • 3. Results sharing: DR-NEP acts as a common platform for authorized users to share the results of their analysis and decisions with other authorized users in the system.
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