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Acronym: DITSEF
Project: Digital and Innovative Technologies for Security and Efficiency of First Responders operation
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-07-13
End: 10-07-13
CIPRNet partners: TNO

In many disaster areas, the local infrastructure is disturbed or destroyed. Consequently, first responders (FR) cannot rely on the existing infrastructure and therefore must bring their own systems to the site, to provide information, communication, rescue and damage measure that is modifying risk
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. The state on Any indication, circumstance, or event with the potential to disrupt or destroy critical infrastructure, or any element thereof (EU, 2006)
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awareness is what the FR is seeing. Hardly any other means provide him information on hazards.

In order for the team to be informed, the FR informs of his / her observations over the radio or reports back when leaving the area. This procedure makes inefficient use of the little time available. Time is the most critical factor in controlling victim rate and damage.

DITSEF aims at increasing the effectiveness and safety of FR by optimal information gathering and sharing. It aims at providing more and reliable information both to the individual FR and his / her higher command levels. This implies the use of sensors and robust communication. The sensors enhance vision in low visibility conditions, and warn of acute hazards, such as toxic chemicals, explosive gases, hot spots, etc. Moreover, the information is shared, updating the situation awareness of the whole team instantly. Reliable radio transmission, positioning and human machine interface (HMI) are key to this aim.

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