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Acronym: CoMiFin
Project: Communication Middleware for Monitoring Financial The European Council Directive 2008/114/EC defines: ‘Critical infrastructure’ (CI) means an asset, system or part thereof located in Member States which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions, health, safety, security, economic..
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Critical Infrastructure
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Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-09-08
End: 28-02-11
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With today's crumbling organisational boundaries, and the emerging trends towards fluid, globally integrated enterprises, these approaches are no longer adequate. The CoMiFin embarks on a long-term research agenda aiming to develop a comprehensive approach to the financial infrastructure protection. In contrast to the existing work, the attention of the project is not restricted on protecting each individual financial domain, but rather focuses on the entire financial ecosystem as a whole. The specific objective in the CoMiFin timeframe will be to devise scalable distributed monitoring subsystem that will provide the relevant IT components of each participating financial domain with early notifications about faults and other potentially malicious activity originating at remote sites (possibly belonging to other critical infrastructures) thus enabling those components to trigger the necessary protective mechanisms in a timely fashion.

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