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Project: The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 01-09-10
End: 31-03-14
CIPRNet partners: TNO

The PROTECTRAIL objective is to provide a viable integrated set of railway security solution, by considering:

  • the extent of the assets involved,
  • the nature of the possible threats,
  • the amount of technical requirements and operational constraints.

The integration will follow an innovative way and will extend the scope of the project beyond the mission addressed by the EC call.

PROTECTRAIL will develop mission oriented solution vs. asset-specific threats and will make them interoperable by designing a modular architectural framework where each solution can be “plugged”.

PROTECTRAIL will also provide the basis for a streamlined process of A collection of interoperating federated simulations. (source: Rathnam, 2004). The federation may include additional components like logging tools, a graphical user interface for controlling the federation, visualisa-tion tools and more.
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, integration and interoperability of the developed solutions

The project will ensures that appropriate solutions and innovations are favored over isolated questions and solution, and will represent a comprehensive and scalable answers to rail security.

The assumption made is that on this frame of solutions, each railway operator in Europe should be able to compose its integration of existing technological tools by using the same architecture according to its own needs, requirements and budget, and subsequently assess the security potential of the solution.

In the dissemination process the project will initiate a cooperation framework with the National and EU authorities and the standardization bodies, in view of future proposals for recommendations to be adopted, for enhancing security in railway context

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