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Acronym: IDIRA
Project: Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale multinational disaster response actions
Project website:
Program: FP7
Agency: EU
Start: 05-05-11
End: 30-04-15
CIPRNet partners:

IDIRA is a research project funded by the European Commission for a duration of four years (2011-2015), gathering eighteen partners to focus on the interoperability of data and emergency procedures in response to large-scale disasters.

In order to develop a new capability for more efficient multi-national and multi-organisational disaster response actions, a technological framework covering recommendations for operational procedures and a set of fixed, deployable and mobile components including data and voice communication assets will be developed and tested in real-life A scenario consists of a CI model, the initial states of all components and the scenario behaviour that describes the events that happen within the scenario.
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trainings within Europe.

The intended end-users of the IDIRA developments are on-scene commanders and those overseeing the response to a disaster in the command and measure that is modifying risk
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rooms as well as strategic and tactical civil protection staff. The fixed IDIRA infrastructure will support them with relevant information from manifold sources for the preparation and response phase.

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