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Acronym: ACTIF
Project: Achieving Technological Innovation in Flood Forecasting
Project website:
Program: FP6
Agency: EU
Start: 01-01-03
End: 01-01-05
CIPRNet partners: Deltares

The flooding that occurred in central Europe in August 2002 demonstrated the value of providing flood warnings to mitigate the social and economic impacts of flooding. The increasing intrinsic properties of something resulting in susceptibility to a risk source that can lead to an event with a consequence
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of communities to extreme meteorological events requires that established mitigation measures will have to be re-evaluated and improved. ACTIF will explore how floods can be mitigated via improvements in forecasting and how uncertainties in flood forecasting may be quantified in a meaningful way to the end users. The cluster of research projects in FP5 demonstrates the importance of flood-forecasting research. The purpose of ACTIF is to derive and disseminate additional benefits from these projects to facilitate the implementation of technological innovations already achieved in the research.

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