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Acronym: ACIP
Project: Analysis & Assessment for Critical infrastructure protection (CIP) is the study, design and implemen-tation of measures (pro-action, prevention, preparation, incident response, recovery) aimed to reduce the risk that critical infrastructure fails with serious consequences and..
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Critical Infrastructure Protection
Project website:
Program: FP5
Agency: EU
Start: 01-06-02
End: 30-04-03
CIPRNet partners: Fraunhofer IAIS, ENEA, TNO

The aim of ACIP is to provide a roadmap for the development and application of methods, that means identification and evaluation of the state of the art of critical infrastructures protection; analysis of interdependencies of infrastructures and cascading effects; investigation of scenarios in order to determine deficiencies and robustness of information infrastructures; as well as identification of technological development and protective measures for See critical infrastructure protection
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. Supporting methods will be developed in close Connections describe links between different components in a CI model.
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to application in practical cases in order to initiate and maintain a dialogue with industry, academia, public authorities and other users as well as providers of infrastructure, to seize R&D needs and R&D resources as well as Any indication, circumstance, or event with the potential to disrupt or destroy critical infrastructure, or any element thereof (EU, 2006)
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perception, vulnerabilities and related preventive measures. Stakeholders will be invited to discuss the results and to contribute to the work in progress in workshops in order to co-ordinate and co-operate with other ongoing or planned initiatives and programmes related to See critical infrastructure protection
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